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Lamp Study from Disneyland

These are the lamps you’ll find at Disneyland. Located anywhere within either of the two parks, you’ll see there is endless beauty in the world around us. Disneyland is a great place for photographs. I just look for the stuff that a lot of people probably don’t even notice. These photos show the ability of […]

Sony Focus

These three images of a toy Corvette show the ability of the camera’s clarity and focus. These were shot with the SIGMA 30mm lens, manual focus setting in the camera. Below, you can see the rear spoiler clearly, compared to the rest of the car which is obviously out of focus. The ability to manipulate […]

Stylized with Filters

Filters are amazing. Creative content is limited only by the imagination. This was shot on a rainy night in Disney’s California Adventure (DCA). This is one of my favorites. Below: Another filtered image from DCA. Another favorite.

Sony a6300 and Lenses

A digital mirrorless single lens reflex camera, the alpha takes amazing photos in any light condition, depending on lens. There are many reviews on this camera. I will say only that it is lightweight, robust in build, and very easy to use. The menu makes sense, and there are many You Tube tutorials on this […]