I am just a regular dude when it comes to photography. I took a photography class in college 300 years ago, but since then, haven’t really gotten into it much. So I need a camera that really does a couple of different things: takes great stills, and shoots video in 120 frames per second. I found that perfect camera for me, and I’d venture a guess that if you’re looking for a good camera, this one may be right for you.

I shoot most of my photos with the Sony. Sometimes I’ll shoot stuff with the iPhone camera, when I don’t have the Sony with me, but all pics on this site are from the Sony, unless stated otherwise (there are some filtered pics I shot with the iPhone).

More info about the Sony a6300 and lenses in the first link below. I’ve had larger Canon cameras, and a Nikon, but my preferred “picture taker” is the Sony. It just works great and is so easy to cary around. And it works great on a gimble. More on that later.

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